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As master craftsmen, we build rugged wood timber frame structures. Sort of like a huge piece of fine furniture.

Matt Taber & Dennis TabEr, master joiners


Matt and Dennis specialize in techniques to build structures much like a furniture maker builds furniture. This technique is often referred to as "timberframe joinery".

Timberframe structures are beautiful, but more importantly, they are built to last hundreds of years. Instead of using many smaller pieces of materials to build a standard house or barn (sometimes referred to as "balloon" structures, using 2x4 or 2x6 studs), They use larger wood stock (usually 6x6 or 8x8 or even larger) and "joins" the pieces much in the same way that a furniture maker uses mortices, tenons, dovetails, and "birds mouths" to fit the wood together.  This joinery creates a much stronger and longer lasting structure.



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We’re very glad we contracted Trees to Timberframes to build our barn. In addition to the craftsmanship being second to none, Matt and Dennis were great to work with, flexible, honest, hard-working.
— Corey & Kimmy Corrette, North Yarmouth, ME
Their commitment to exceeding expectations was constantly surprising and pleasing. I cannot recommend them enough! I’m looking forward to having Matt and Dennis build my dream home soon.
— Anthony, Norway, ME


Using traditional hand tools, we build our authentic frames with methods used by generations of timberframers. Designs can be as versatile and imaginative as you like, and they adapt well to modern architecture.

Framing chisel

Framing chisel

Strength for centuries


A properly built timberframe structure will last for centuries. It is interesting to see the old barns and houses from the past are still as strong as the day they were raised. The various types of wood that were used often depended upon the species that were locally available.

Centuries of traditional building with hand tools.


We use traditional hand tools along with modern tools, simply because they work best. 

Hand tools connect the master craftsman with a work-piece in a way that machines cannot do.  Hand-working and fitting a mortice and tenon together perfectly brings a great satisfaction to the job.

Example of a through-tenon

Example of a through-tenon



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